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August 17, 2022 11:08 AM

Nihon Ongaku Competition Piano Division Sets A New Regulation for Selection of Performing Instruments

Nihon Ongaku Competition (NOC) closed entry application for the 2022 competition to be held this autumn on July 14. Under the new regulation, all contestants are required to perform pianos of 3 individual piano makers for the 3 preliminaries.

So far, International Tchaikovsky Competition, International Chopin Piano Competition and other world-renowned competitions designate several official piano brands to be selected by contestants. Japanese competitions largely fix one single brand or several brands for selection by contestants.

The new guideline requests all contestants of the 2022 NOC perform Yamaha piano for the 1st preliminary round, Bechstein piano for the 2nd preliminary round and, Steinway piano for the 3rd preliminary round. Four finalists can choose anyone of the 3 brands. It also regulates all contestants to perform at least one single piece of Chopin among others for the 2nd preliminary round. 

This is a kind of revolution in the history of Japanese piano competition in terms of judging artistry, musical expression and performing technique of promising pianists on different piano brands all through from preliminaries to final round.

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