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February 13, 2023 9:10 AM

Yamaha Ranked 2nd Highest on Corporate Communication Site User Survey

Tribeck Brand Strategies, a thinktank of Tribeck Inc. which provides clients digital marketing services, DX platform, experience & management, media/advertising agency announced 2022 user survey ranking of corporate communication sites of 252 leading companies in Japan. The corporate sites were judged by 6 factors; 1. Corporate messages, 2. News releases, 3. Technological information/corporate approaches to product quality, safety and security, 4. Approaches to sustainability/corporate social responsibility and environment, 5. Investor relationship, 6. Corporate philosophy & vision.

Yamaha’s ranking has gone from 13th the year before to 2nd this time. User highly praised the company’s approaches to sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environment.

Suntory Corporation, food and beverage manufacturer was the highest ranked, and Yamaha was followed by Shiseido, Fuji Film Holding, Kao, chemical and textile manufacturer.

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