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April 18, 2023 3:42 PM

2022 Japan Musical Instruments Production, Domestic Sales, Import & Export

Production(sales) and Export Value of Piano Increased
According to the production/sales statistics compiled by The Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry, a total of 43,000 units of acoustic upright and grand piano (2% less than the year before last) were distributed in Japan and exported last year. However, they achieved 30.9billion yen sales, 12% more than the year before last.

The statistics of Shizuoka Pref. Musical Instruments Manufacturers Association, to which good percentage of leading musical instrument manufacturers in Japan belongs precisely coincides the figures above mentioned. In 2022, 13,947 units of acoustic piano worth of 8.2billion yen were sold in Japan and 29,014 units worth of 22.7billion yen were exported. When compared with the results in 2021, domestic sales increased 12% in units and 10% in value. While export of acoustic piano decreased 7% in unit but increased 12% in value.

Piano market revived in 2021 from the COVID-19 pandemic with a significant 20% and 31% increase in the domestic market and export, respectively. A year later, export of them slightly declined in unit. But they went up in value. It’s safe to say that manufacturers shifted production to upper class models. Also, they raised price of the products to cope with cost increase in materials and distribution.

There might have been another reason for the brisk domestic sales of piano. Yamaha and Kawai raised retail price of piano in April and October, last year. That could have stimulated demands of customer for largely inexpensive models as a last-minute purchase before price hike.

The statistics by The Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry shows that distribution and export of digital pianos and electronic organ were the same level of 2018 before the pandemic with 5% and 3% fewer sales in units and value, respectively. The dramatic surge of demands during the pandemic looks dried up.

Electronic keyboard market kept the downward trend to the historical level in units, and to 50% level in 2012.

Manufacturers raised price of products to cope with soaring materials and distribution cost, and it affected domestic sales of wind instruments with 15% down in units, acoustic and electric guitars with 10% down in units, but export value rose 15% and 5%, respectively.

Export Exceeds 80billion Yen, Largest In 21 Years
Total export value of the musical instruments increased 16% over the previous year to 87.8billion yen according to the statistics compiled by The Customs and Tariff Bureau of Ministry of Finance. Pianos shared about 50% of the total value. Grand piano value increased 17%, but upright piano value ended with a minimum 1% increase.

Export of electric guitars, reed instruments and other wind instruments, and brass instruments advanced 38%, 23% and 53%, respectively. Piano parts and accessories also increased 28%.

Total import value of musical instruments rose 20%. Electric/electronic instruments with keyboard, electric guitars, parts and accessories of instruments other than those for piano are the 3 largest segments with 30%, 33% and 37% increase, respectively. Parts for piano and accessories increased 35% as well.

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