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May 26, 2023 3:28 PM

Ikebe Music Opens Tokyo’s Largest Used Instruments Shop in Shibuya

Ikebe Music opened Ikeshibu Reuse, a flagship store of its Ikebe Reuse, a buy back and sell service division of used musical instruments on April 1 in Shibuya.

Ikeshibu Reuse has always about 400 guitars and basses at a spacious floor.

Ikebe Reuse was launched in April 2021 under the corporate slogan “Pass along good used instruments with emotion and story to new user”. Since then, high quality maintenance skill and long-term product warranty of the division have successfully attracted attention of customer. Ikeshibu Reuse serves as an upgraded unit integrating Ikebe Reuse opened at the new location of Shibuya shopping district.

Ikeshibu Reuse offers around 400 used guitars and basses from middle class to high-end models, the largest inventory in Tokyo, all inspected and fine-tuned by veteran technicians, at more than doubled floor space. Customer can select favorite instruments in an inviting setting.

Closely located to Ikeshibu new instrument music shop, it allows customer to compare new and used models all at once.

It also has a reception desk for buy back order, come to customer home service upon request as well as consultation and product assessment.

Shoki Takei, manager of Reuse Business Unit says, “We see customer is more positive than ever to buy used instruments as their first choice these days. We expect that Ikeshibu Reuse becomes the first place that customer of all ages visits as we offer the market a complete cycle from selling new instruments, providing buy-back service, and selling them again as reuse models after repair and maintenance services done.

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