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July 21, 2023 9:08 PM

Music Store Sales Staff Awards 2023 Application Opens

Japan Musical Instruments Association (JMIA) opened ballot application on June 29 for Music Store Sales Staff Awards 2023, the 3rd consecutive event initiated in 2021. At the pre-meeting held online on June 14, JMIA announced that a new ballot category, “Contents Production Award” was added.

The award aims to increase awareness of the music products industry to public and promote pleasure of music making. Last year, the event drew 4,300 ballot applications from music store sales staff, and 29,000 from general public which doubled from the year before last. Five winners of the Products and Artists Awards were invited to the award presentation ceremony held at Yamaha Ginza Studio last October.

Last year, the awarded products contributed to help boost sales of music stores with special store display and talks about the awards with customers during the year-end business season.

The 2023 Award included 5 product categories of digital piano & keyboards, guitars, basses, flutes, and violins, 6 artist categories of pianist, guitarist, bassist, flutist, violinist, most-entertained artist of the year, and the new contents production category (novels, animation programs, movies, cartoons and TV dramas related to musical instruments).

The top 3 products and contents production artist categories awards are chosen by vote of music store sales staff, and the award presentation ceremony will be given to Grand Prix Award winner. The top 5 artist awards will be nominated by music store sales staff voting, and then the Grand Prix Award will be decided by public voting.

The application for music store sales staff was closed on July 3, and the Grand Prix Award presentation ceremony takes place on October 23 at Yamaha Ginza Studio.

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