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August 14, 2023 11:11 AM

Fender Flagship Tokyo Opens: Providing Every Music Maker with Unprecedented Musical Experiences

Fender Flagship Tokyo, Harajyuku
The message from Leo Fender, "Artists are angels and our job is to give them wings to fly." is shown on the entrance wall

Fender Musical Instruments and Fender Music opened the world’s first flagship store in its 77 years history in Harajyuku, one of the most trendy shopping districts in Tokyo on June 30.

The brand-new building with 3 floors and 1 basement already attracts fashionable music makers from and far out of Tokyo. An opening ceremony took place on the first day inviting media members and renowned Fender artists including Ken of L’Arc~en~Ciel, J of LUNA SEA, MIYABI, Soichiro Yamauchi of Fuji Fabric.

Andy Moonie, Fender Musical Instruments CEO
Andy Moonie, Fender Musical Instruments CEO
Edward Cole, Fender Music (Japan) President

Andy Moonie, Fender Musical Instruments CEO said in his opening remarks, “Leo Fender once told "Artists are angels, and our job is to give them wings to fly." Our true task is offering every artist wings regardless of gender, genre and country they were born and grew. Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, annual sales of Fender musical instruments were 500 million U.S. dollars. Four years later, we have grown with sales of nearly 1,000 million U.S. dollars. Asia, the fastest growing market is expected to be the world’s largest in coming 10 years. We see Tokyo can serve as the most influential market and are pleased to have opened Fender Flagship in Harajuku. The store opens a door to new age and will surely contribute to bring further growth to the music products industry.

He continued saying, “During the years of self-confinement, 30 million people started playing guitar. If 10% of them keep playing guitar through life, the industry can expect 30-billion-dollar sales in 10 years. Those first-time guitar players are likely to get interested in upgrading their gears and thanks to them, sales of Fender guitars have increased to the highest level in our history.

“We feel humbled that the guitars with Leo Fender brand name are highly acclaimed for their innovative creativity after the first product was launched into the market more than 70 years ago, and the instruments are distributed through outstanding marketing at the flagship store just opened today with help of music retail channels in Japan.”

Popular Fender models made in U.S and Japan are presented on the 2nd floor.
The 1st floor offers Fender new models, store exclusive models and lifestyle goods
Fender Custom Shop models are shown on the 3rd floor

Edward Cole, president of Fender Music (Japan) which serves for Asian markets said, “Our concept is to support every level of players in their voyage of music. The flagship Tokyo store is built with this concept. We have continuously produced innovative products, carried attracting marketing approaches, intensified connection with artists and made efforts to increase players of every stage to this day. As a result, our sales in Asia & Pacific region have achieved 17% growth year after year.

“We chose Harajyuku (Tokyo) for the home of Flagship Tokyo from the following reasons; 1. A host of name international brands have flagship shops in Tokyo, 2. Influencers and brand-conscious consumers in Japan frequently visit Tokyo, 3. Japan has the largest and fastest growing music market, 4. More than 30 million tourists are expected to visit Tokyo this year, and the number is estimated to be doubled in 10 years to come, 5. International tourists love to visit world-class brand shops and enjoy exciting shopping experience offered by Japanese sales staff with top-notch customer relationship and service.

“Visitors will be impressed by astonishing product selection of Flagship Tokyo unrivaled in the music products industry. They include unique instruments crafted by master builders, a lot of models manufactured in U.S., Japan and Mexico, exclusive products only available at Flagship Tokyo and lifestyle products.”

The opening remarks were followed by talk sessions and live performance featuring Ken, J, MIYABI, Hama Okamoto and other name Fender artists.

The store has 1,056 sq. meter space fully packed with Fender products. The 1st floor with spacious entrance is allocated for new and limited-edition models, F IS FOR FENDER wearables as well as fashion and lifestyle products.

The 2nd floor offers popular electric guitars, basses and amps made in U.S. and Japan, and perfectly sound-controlled Fender Amp Room. The models offered by Fender Custom Shop are exhibited on the 3rd floor.

The basement has space for acoustic guitars and ukuleles which is occasionally used for live events. Also, adjacent Fender Café serves fine coffee in collaboration with California-based Verve Coffee Roasters.

Fender Flagship Tokyo: Jingu-mae 1-8-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

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