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October 25, 2023 5:45 PM

eBay Music Products Marketplace Grows

Growing demands for Japan brands
eBay recently announced that its marketplace for musical instruments was quite busy attracting buyers. It says that musical instruments business significantly increased as people spent more time and money for music making at home during the recent pandemic. The musical instruments market grew 50% from the pre-pandemic days and continues to grow.

From 80,000 to 100,000 musical instruments and related accessories are regularly listed on the eBay marketplace. Electric guitars are particularly popular, and demands are further growing for vintage, out of production models and replicas of name guitarists.

U.S. made guitars are much sought after, but some buyers in U.S like to buy guitars listed by Japanese sellers, as they say, “Goods listed by Japanese sellers are in better conditions”, or “The goods are sent from Japan in much sturdy shipping package.” (graph right: high demands for 5 electric guitars)

Acoustic guitars constantly sell well as demands continue for entry level acoustic guitars. It’s supposed that young consumers bought inexpensive acoustic guitars during the pandemic and now sell them on the marketplace.  

DJ machines are also selling well. They are bought as interior objectives, and 2022 sales doubled over the previous year. Such Japanese brands as Pioneer, Technics, Vestax and Denon are much favored. Because they are largely high-ticket models, current exchange rate of Japanese yen against U.S. dollars contributes to boost sales of them.

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