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November 22, 2023 11:53 AM

Ikebe Gakki Starts New Subscription Customer Service

Tokyo-based Ikebe Gakki Co., Ltd. announced that it had started a new and exclusive subscription style customer service named “Ikebe PRIME.”

Consisted of Ikebe Online Store, Ikebe Reuse and Ikebe Entertainment categories, the new service is provided at 1,200 yen monthly subscription (no charge for the first month after registration). The service gives customers of Ikebe Online Store 5 benefits; 1. Free shipping of goods, 2. 1% additional purchase points, 3. Additional 10% trade-in points at Ikebe Reuse, 4. Free view of Ikebe live events, instrument lesson and entertainment movies, 5. Advanced reservation rights for Ikebe events, workshops, seminars and customer exclusive events.

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